About us

About us


HLA is offering affordable and certified Online Training Programmes; Services and Products for academic leaders and lecturers of Private, Public and State Universities, and other institutions of Higher Learning. Principals, Head Teachers, senior educators and educators of Private Primary and Secondary Schools are invited to register for the online Programmes or purchase the advertised products. Services and products  are presented, via the Website, of  Higher Learning Africa  www.highlearnafri.com 


Proprietors of Private Universities and Owners of Private Schools are invited to attend and participate in a  ‘’ face – to – face ‘’ interactive training Programme, with the overarching outcome to grow and develop their Schools or Universities. The Programmes are presented separately and independently  presented  in the beautiful University town of Stellenbosch, South Africa. The Programmes are conducted, by experienced and exposed facilitators.                                 


Higher Learning,Africa (HLA) on invitation, is willing to present needs – driven support workshops, with assisting to formulate Directions and Strategies for Private Schools and Universities.   


 HLA,  is offering its vast range of services to all Public or State supported Universities, other institutions of Higher Education and Schools. HLA does objective and independent onsite quality audits; and in-house training programmes for interested institutions.


About HLA

Higher Learning Africa (HLA), has a clear Strategy and Direction, that is aligned , with its researched - based products and services,  to the advancement and improvement of Higher Education Institutions and Schools in Africa. 

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