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Prof. Chris Jacobs (PHd, DEd)   CV : 

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Higher Learning Africa (HLA)

HIGHER LEARNING AFRICA (HLA) was founded by prof. Chris Jacobs in Stellenbosch, South Africa in 2003. It grew from a small one  person local educational consulting venture, to a strong and vibrant education brand in Higher Education, Primary and Secondary Education. HLA is delivering expert professional educational advice, training, consultation from Pre – School level to University Level. Today it employs seven  highly exposed, qualified and motivated staff with an international footprint in South Africa and Nigeria. The online educational services , delivered via its Website  covers the whole of Africa and the world.

HLA, is focusing on the delivering of certified Online Programmes for staff of Universities, other Higher Education institutions and Schools.The Programmes have a solid pedagogical foundation, the content is new, innovative, research – driven, aligned to indigenous knowledge and student – centered. The Programmes meet the high  international standards and criteria,  set for best electronic  E - Learning  and Teaching practices.

HIGHER LEARNING AFRICA (HLA), has accept the challenge and fine tuned its focus, to assist Schools and Universities, to become future – ready and  SMART, imbedded in the idea of being an integrated part of SMART Communities and Cities.  

‘’ Face – to – face  training programmes and  academic tours are organised for owners of Private Universities and owners of  Private Schools to Stellenbosch, South Africa.

The products are mainly textbooks written by the CEO and Founder and his grounbreaking textbook : HOLISTIC OVERVIEW OF PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES IN NIGERA. SMART Private Universities, 2018 ( 520 pages) is only available online,  via the Website of HIGHER LEARNING AFRICA (HLA).   

Students over Africa are invited to attend Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training Courses, organised by HLA, at the historical University town of Stellenbosch, South Africa.These Courses are preparing students, to become logical and critical thinkers. The outcomes of the Programmes are focusing on students to initiatate  their own start – up businesses and understand the concept innovation. Students are mentored to be become future -  ready. As SMART students they will be capable to meet and ‘’ surf ‘’ the Fourth Technology Wave; aligned to the requirements and demands of a 21st Century educational environment. 

As you browse and surf the Higher Learning  Africa ( HLA) Website, I express my sincere wish and appreciation that you will enroll on one or more of our online Courses, order one or all of our products; or consider to attend one of the Training Sessions or Academic Tours in Stellenbosch, South Africa. See the comprehensive list of Courses and Programmes offered by HLA.

Owners of Private Schools, Principals. Head Teachers, education staff, educators, key officers of Universities and lecturers, by registering for one or more  of the above Courses and Programmes can be supported and empowered to :

- Develop a theoretical framework to become an effective leader

- Become an catalyst to innovative the process for a new Strategy and Direction for a School or a University 

- Implement an Quality Assurance Strategy

- Implement a Good or Best School Governance Strategy for a School or University

- Advance in their Career Paths and successfully meet set Performance Indicators for an Annual Performance Appraisal Process

- Enhancing their teaching role, aligned to innovation, technology, best international practices regarding :  Curriculum Design and Practice; Modern Teaching Methodologies and Assesment Practices; ensuring Integrity, Quality and Academic Excellence at a University or School

- Understand and implement a Bid Data Management Strategy in a School

- Promote the Academic Progamme, Research Programme, Community Involvement and Student Structures and Support at a School or University

- Lead and guide s tudents to become future leaders promoting the basic principles of peace, tollerance and democracy in Africa, combatting racism, intolerance, discrimination and Xenofobia

- Understand and implement an Innovation and Technology Strategy to assist Schools, Universities and Communities to become SMART


 These highly innovative exciting Online Courses and other Programmes  are available for Proprieters of Private Universities and Private Schools, lectures, parents and persons involved in Private Higher Education.The Certified Online and ‘’ face- to – face Courses, have been designed and presented by HIGHER LEARNING AFRICA (HLA), mainly  to enhance and empower educators of Pre- Schools, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools to become world – class facilitators of teaching and learning; or to explore the exciting world of becoming an Independent Education Consultant.

HLA, is proud with its innovative achievement to have designed and curriculated the following groundbreaking Courses. The Courses equip those educators or persons, that has a strong entrepreneurial mind, spirit and flair to become future Independent Education Consultants. These highly popular Courses are : Click :  

• Home Schooling Consultant                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The availability and impact of quality, affordable, cheap and sometimes free Online School Programmes, are pushing Home Schooling, to  become a huge and growing educational market. This Course, opens opportunities for educators to enter this market as prospective Independent Consultants, delivering services and products to parents and students that are in the system of Home Schooling. 

• Peace and Conflict Resolution Consultant

Conflict is becoming a major challenge between role players at Higher Institutions, Schools and even in the community. Management Teams, due to their subjectivity ans lack of knowledge and training; are not always capable of identifying or  understanding the underlying reasons for the conflict, and  sometimes are desperately looking for independent professional persons to act as meditators or ‘’ peace makers.’’This is where a Peace and Conflict Resolution Consultant is fitting into the process of meditation, conflict resolution and setting  terms and conditions to resolve challenges in a peaceful manner or way. This Course can prepare you to become a Peace and Conflict Resolution Consultant, selling your services to prevent conflict at institutions and assist to make Universties, other institutions, schools and the community a safe and peaceful haven that is conducive for delivering an effective teaching and leaning programme.

• Compliance and Human Resources Consultant

• Technology, Innovation and SMART Consultant

• Quality Assurance and Ranking Consultant

• Online Education Consultant

• Online Education Advisor

• Career Planning and Learning Consultant – with a strong focus of preparing students to become logical and crical thinkers in a highly technology – driven society, where it is not business as usual

• Big Data Analyst

The above  Online  Courses are highly recommended, based on the following premises : The Courses have a strong pedagogical foundation, comply will all norms and standards for education best practices, are closey monitored and supervised, are affordable and prepare and empowers registered participants to become future Independent Education Consultants.

You are cordially invited to make use of the products and sevices of HIGHER LEARNING AFRICA (HLA) presented on the Website

Your future success, is at your finger tips and is a click away    

HIGHER LEARNING AFRICA (HLA). Is proud to declare that its staff are ethical persons and the core business, is driven by the following mutualy agreed value structure : Honesty, Integrity, Openess, Transparancy, and Responsibility.





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Higher Learning Africa (HLA), has a clear Strategy and Direction, that is aligned , with its researched - based products and services,  to the advancement and improvement of Higher Education Institutions and Schools in Africa. 

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