Our Vision

Our Vision

The Higher Learning Academy (HLA) sees itself as a major role player and service provider in Africa, to contribute to the advancement, progress and improvement of Private, Public and State, Universities; other Higher Learning Institutions.

Principals, Head Teachers and educators of Primary and Secondary Schools in Africa, are invited to make use of the services and products of HLA. The Product and Services, are based on the latest trends in education, modern pedagogical teaching and learning approaches, indigenous African paradigms and theories. Although the  main focus of HLA, is  on Private Higher Education, Private Primary and Secondary Schools, it does not shy or steer away from its responsibility, to address the educational needs of Public Universities, other Public Higher Learning institutions and Public Primary and Secondary Schools, in an African context.  


HIGHER LEARNING AFRICA (HLA) is not an elite or exclusive undertaking, it accepts its community service responsibility In Africa.


About HLA

Higher Learning Africa (HLA), has a clear Strategy and Direction, that is aligned , with its researched - based products and services,  to the advancement and improvement of Higher Education Institutions and Schools in Africa. 

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